Aamulehti, Finland

We see a lot of young people on our way up to the fifth floor. In one of the exhibition halls we get to know Finnish-Swedish people in a surprising way.
Seven years ago, the photographer Anna C Eriksson met a group of skinheads. From that moment she began to explore the otherwise so intimidating subculture. Eriksson was also surprised that so many of the skinheads in Stockholm had a Finnish background.
– I met more skinheads and I soon understood that their subculture is more than its surface, boots and shaved heads.
There are showcases with several skinhead boots among the paintings – they represent different users.
The photographs show us skinheads at concerts, sleeping in a cabin at the ferry to Helsinki and walking in the streets…
I was driven by a curiosity. I wanted to know the truth about the Swedish skinheads. I have met strong feelings – happiness, hopelessness and doubt… I found as many truths as there are individuals, Eriksson says.
Tiina Rajamäki