PRESS (Finland)


… The exhibition is the result of seven years of research and work by Eriksson. It was very bold to show these strong artworks in the same showroom as the graffiti. Curator Linda Ånger at Lava (Kulturhuset Stockholm) seemed to be pleased to create a discussion between the two entirely different cultures (that often meet in fights.)
Anna is a self-taught artist. She has been supported by her parents who are artists. Anna sees behind the surface and writes about her experiences, take photos and paints what she sees…
Anna is a perfectionist. It can take up to six months to create one painting… I must admire Anna’s patience and endurance…
The Skinhead exhibition revealed interesting facts about the skinhead culture, how it all started and different styles within the subculture. The most unexpected was perhaps the facts about original skinheads… those who like soul music and reggae. We also need to mention the SHARP skins (skinheads Against Racial Predjudice), the group that demonstrates the fact that not all skinheads are Nazis and racists. Their basic thought is the style and the music, and they are also more similar to the original skinheads…
The only negative with Skinheads and the entire Extreme Passion exhibition was that the information were only in Swedish. The curator of the exhibition Linda was surprised by the international attention. An American man (who wanted to buy almost every single painting on the wall) was disappointed the texts were not in English. Unfortunately the busy curator didn’t have time to adjust that.
Thanks to curator Linda Ånger and all the artists who opened their worlds for curious passers-by.
Thanks also to the other Linda who took me to the exhibition for the first time!

Petri Summanen