2003 EXTREME PASSION Kulturhuset Stockholm, Galleri 5
2003 ID-fair at Fryshuset Stockholm, Sweden

2004 The Royal Dramatic Theatre. Stockholm, Sweden


“I was driven by curiosity and I was searching for some kind of truth”

I have always been interested in art that reflects the time in which we are living. In the future it will be a document of the past. Art should have an impact in society and suggest an alternative point of view. Art should be an eye-opener. Or upset us! Mankind is a great source of inspiration for me.

My exhibition Skinheads is a result of many years of research. I have been close to the people in this subculture for seven years and I have seen everything from self-destructive behavior to stubborn creativeness. I have seen passion and joy, despair and hopelessness.
I was driven by my curiosity and I was searching for some kind of truth. I found as many truths as there are individuals.

The result of my research is an exhibition about a subculture which contains a great variety of opinions, self-expressions, self-images, lifestyles and fates. During these years I have learned what it means to be human. That we all handle our ordeals in different ways. These experiences have broadened my mind.

Anna C Eriksson

Original exhibition leaflet


Sveriges Television

Dagens Nyheter
Exhibition of the year 2003


Stories based on interviews with skinheads.

⦁ May – Battered by the police in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.
⦁ June – Big fight at a beach. Complete loss of memory, battered by the cops, arrested. My boots were sent to a technical laboratory.
⦁ July-August – I’m released after six weeks in the arrest. My boots are still confiscated. I felt naked without my boots.
⦁ September – The police returned my boots and clothes. The clothes were cut into pieces and the boots were scratched. I hated the cops for scratching my beloved boots.
⦁ Autumn – Reunion with my family. They tried to help me.
⦁ 30th of November – Kungsträdgården in Stockholm, celebrating the memory of king Karl XII.

⦁ Spring – In prison because of insult and battery.
⦁ Summer – Attending a Bad Manners gig at Fryshuset in Stockholm.
⦁ October – Banging a punk chick and kept my boots on.
⦁ November – Big fight, my buddies ran away and left me alone. I got home drunk, nailing my boots to the wall – “I’m going to quit the Skinhead life!!! Two days later – I realize that I can’t live without them…